“Wandering is the activity of the child, the passion of the genius; it is the discovery of the self, the discovery of the outside world ... These discoveries are as fundamental to the soul as "learning to survive" is fundamental to the body. These discoveries are essential to realizing what it means to be human. To wander is to be alive.” 
― Roman Payne, Europa: Limited Time Edition

Hi to you wanderful soul! Since you paid a visit to my About page, then let me introduce myself. But first, coffee ... :)

fatima pavia of hermetroadventures

Alright! So, I'm Fatima Pavia, a damsel in escape (yeah like escaping school works just to hangout with friends lol *guilty*)  Well I have this gypsy soul. I always wanted to go out and explore things, but hey I'm NOT a fan of Dora the explorer okay? haha. Though, being at home is fine, there are random and countless times in a day when my appetite for going out is too strong.

So if you like trying out new restaurants, coffee shops, or just like strolling around the city, then we can be friends! Through this blog, I'll share with you my experiences as an urban wanderer. I'll introduce you to the places or events in the metro that you might want to check out. Remember: Time is too precious to waste so let's be as out-going as we can while we're young. :)

My blog is also open for your share of thoughts and opinions. Contact me thru email: paviafatima@gmail.com or leave a message here. Have a great day! :D

fatima p.



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