Simplicity and Comfort

Have you ever given up comfort for the sake of style? I'm pretty sure we all had at some point. For the ladies, the most common thing we have experienced is probably getting blisters after wearing uncomfortable shoes for a long time. I know you can relate to this! I mean, who doesn’t? Even if you’re a sneakers-and-shirt type of girl, still you would attend these events in school or in office that would require you to wear something which can be totally uncomfortable.

Aside from feeling uneasy, wearing such has a lot of downsides. It can affect the way we interact with others as well as the way we carry ourselves. Also, it could even distract us. That’s why I strongly suggest that if you have an option to switch to comfortable yet still presentable clothes and shoes, then do so. Give yourself the chance to enjoy moments and focus your attention on what really matters instead of getting anxious the whole time because of what you’re wearing.

Take it from me, who chose to wear a simple beige dress layered with a plaid button down from H&M for our thesis defense. For my shoes, I simply wore nude colored flats to make the entire look cohesive. 

H&M button down dress

parisian flats

H&M button down dress

If you will notice, I didn’t go with dark colors and I didn’t wear heels. Gone are the days when everyone wears only black and white ensembles for their thesis defense. Though there are still some who stick to it, yet today’s generation find their way to dress based on their preference which often means going beyond what is typical and wearing something they will feel good at.

After all, it is not entirely about what you wear for your thesis defense. For as long you are smartly dressed, then it will be fine. As I have mentioned earlier, uncomfortable clothes and shoes can affect the way we carry ourselves and can alter our focus, and surely you wouldn’t want to experience that while you are defending the fruit of your hard work a.k.a. your thesis.

How about you, do you also consider what’s comfortable to wear? Feel free to tell me your thoughts on the comment section below. 




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