Tried and tested: Maybelline Clear smooth All-In-One Foundation

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Maybelline is a well-known brand in New York. When it came to the Philippines, I thought it was costly like other foreign cosmetic brands. But to my surprise it's actually budget friendly, which is why more Filipina are buying the brand, especially college students like me. In this blog entry, I'll be reviewing Maybelline's Clear smooth All-In-One Powder Foundation

I only bought the refill (9g) because I think it is more handy, like I could just put it inside any of my bag's pockets. This one costs only 169 PHP. It's available in natural, nude beige, honey and sand beige tones. Mine is nude beige because it blends well with my skin color. It comes along with a sponge, which is soft and gentle when applied on the face. 

Just a tip: wash your sponges at least every other day. If it's possible, wash it everyday to prevent dirt from accumulating in the sponge. 

Maybelline Clear smooth All-In-One Powder Foundation
Clear smooth All-In-One Powder Foundation in Nude Beige
This powder foundation promises you a shine free and flawless face all day, which based on my experience is true. In fact, I re-apply it very seldom. Another good thing about it is its sun protection feature; having SPF 32 PA+++. The previous version of it has only SPF 25. Hence, it now has a higher UV Protection. I highly recommend foundations like this with UV Protection feature especially during summer to avoid sun damage and premature aging of the face. 

It's not necessary, but some of you might be too sensitive when it comes to the smell of the cosmetics. As for the clear smooth all-in-one powder foundation, it does not have a strong and alarming smell. If you are washing your sponge, make sure to dry it first before putting it back inside the compact to avoid any unpleasant smell.

Now, let's compare this with Maybelline's Clear Smooth All In One Powder Foundation To Go, which comes with a round packaging and has a mirror inside. It's available only in two tones: the nude beige and natural. I already tried the two shades before. I was expecting that they are totally far from each other, but it turns out that both shades actually blend well with my skin. Meanwhile, when it comes to features, both Maybelline Foundations are just the same. I think they only differ in terms of the packaging. And if you would ask me which one is better, I must say it's the one that I'm currently using --- the Clear Smooth Foundation Refill. Although, it does not have a mirror inside, since it's only a refill, it gives me a longer coverage than the other one.

Anything that I missed out which you would want to share? Simply leave a comment down below. :)




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