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national museum, philippines
Nowadays, it seems like going to museums is part of the trend. People on Instagram usually have photos taken from museums. But the question is: Do people visit museums because they want to or only because they want to have 'artsy' photos on their IG feed?

 When I was young, field trips usually include visiting museums. But as a kid, the idea of it was totally boring, like I rather go to chocolate factories than stroll inside a museum. I didn't even get it, why schools would consider museums in field trips when in fact, most children would just walk past each art piece. Although big ones would most likely make some kids stop for a while, the appreciation was merely on the artist's dedication and hard work to finish such piece. For the past years, my appreciation for art was as shallow as that. In college, we had this Humanities class which made me appreciate art in a deeper level.  Aside from knowing what materials were used, I also tried to determine what message each art piece was trying to convey. 

spolarium at National Musuem, philippines         

National Museum in Manila, offered a free entrance from Tuesdays to Sundays of the whole month of June. Since I had never been there, I asked my boyfriend to come with me, and gladly, he said yes. :) It was my first time to see in person the famous Spolarium, which is basically the main attraction in the museum, strategically located on the ground floor. It was so big and believe me, you cannot just leave the museum without taking a picture of it. Likewise, I and my boyfriend, did the mainstream looking-at-the-painting pose. It's easy to say not to join the bandwagon, but thinking of a unique and creative way of taking photos in museums could be pretty hard. Yet, the challenge is still on for those who want extra wow factor in their Instagram feed.

The artworks in National Museum vary from paintings, photographs, sculptures, down to sketches. Among all the rooms inside the museum, we enjoyed that one containing all the sketches of Fernando Amorsolo. From very simple sketches to amazing ones, one would see how true the saying 'practice makes perfect' is! It's funny how the sketches had somehow inspired me not to give up on drawing, hoping that one day I could draw better. Haha! :p And instead of stressing out what artworks could make my Instagram feed look artsy, I simply chose to enjoy the experience. In fact, there were some artworks that I personally loved.

The unfinished painting of Imelda Marcos

Abstract art

My boyfriend and I spent quite some time looking at this abstract art. We had fun looking for objects hidden in this art piece, like there were fish, a face of a monkey, a bottle of wine, a guitar, etc. Indeed, it was a good experience at the National Museum. Honestly, I presumed that the museum only contains artworks from early years but then I was happy to see contemporary art too! :) I never thought I could have fun at a museum. It erased my boring impression of museums when I was young.

Their free-entrance offering came perfectly on time at the hype of artsy Instagram users. For me, regardless of the reason, either for real art appreciation or merely for the sake of Instagram-worthy photos, the fact that people nowadays consider going to museums is a big thing already for the industry. There are so many talented artists around and nothing means more to them than being appreciated.

laid back ootd at national museum
And this is how happy I was

National Museum is open from Tuesdays-Sundays, from 10 am to 5pm. For more details, check out their website here.




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