Ride and Dine at Gerry's Jeepney

gerry's jeepney at Maginhawa
Planning to head to Maginhawa with your friends? Well, with so many restaurants to choose from, it might be to hard to decide which one to try first. Perhaps, you might want to start at Gerry's Jeepney, where you can actually eat inside a jeepney! :D Sounds cool right?

That's what my friends and I have experienced last summer. Colorful and well-designed jeepney models welcomed us as we walked inside this one-of-a-kind restaurant. Gerry's Jeepney offers both indoor and outdoor dining, so it's up to you where would you want to eat but believe me choosing won't be easy, as my friends and I had a hard time. But since the weather was too hot that day, we went straight inside their air-conditioned dining area wherein we were amazed to see their wooden tables designed like chessboards. But then the funny thing was that we were actually seated and had our orders taken inside when my friend suggested to dine outside instead, since one of the jeepneys was already vacated that time. So we did, and I really think it was a good choice for first timers like us since dining inside a jeepney is what makes this restaurant unique.

Their food selection is very Pinoy. The restaurant is actually famous for their boodle fight. Thus, it's a perfect place for barkadas The price of their group meals starts at P600+. You can also opt for a solo meal by choosing under their Additional Orders menu. They also offer Driver's Tipid Meal, served with free ice tea, for as low as P105. Their food are served on banana leaves, just like how the food is typically served in some provinces. However, it may took quite a long time for orders to be served. 

play filipino board games for free!
Thanks to my friends for helping me re-learn to play this game. It's been ages!

As we waited for our order, we decided to play the traditional Filipino game called Sungka. If you can't find a Sungka board inside your jeepney, simply ask the waiters. By the way, you can play it for free! 

And after a tough waiting game, our food was finally served...
 The chicken BBQ that I ordered looks and tastes good. :) Well, we all ignored the fact that we had to wait that long for our order since the staff were very accommodating from beginning to end. They gave us everything that we asked and it was funny that they even gave us more than enough, like when my friend asked for more refill of soup, they gave us the whole mini casserole instead . haha. Likewise, when I asked for additional tissue, they gave us a pack of tissue paper. We were also served with bottomless ice tea, which as far as we know, was not included in our order but perhaps it served as our complimentary drinks. Well, two thumbs up for their service! The waiting game was sort of paid off. 

After having our lunch, we decided to buy some dirty ice cream which we bought from the vendor outside the restaurant. Though, Gerry's Jeepney had this ice cream cart displayed, just in front of their jeepney models, I don't think they served ice cream here but I really wish they would. :( 

hilarious signages at Gerry's Jeepney.
Look at those hilarious signages. haha 
jeepney models at Gerry's Jeepney

Gerry's Jeepney is consistent with their Pinoy theme, from the ambiance down to their menu. The waiters don't dress accordingly but still it doesn't really affect the over-all feels of the place. Everything is colorful as if you're in a fiesta, and the idea of eating inside a Jeepney is totally interesting. But then again, if you are planning to eat here, make sure that your stomach is not screaming of intense hunger because the food might took long to be served. 

If you have visited Gerry's Jeepney, let me know your thoughts about it. :)




  1. It's crazy that I've never been to Maginhawa!!! All my friends have been raving about all the yummy food finds there. Hopefully I find the time very very soon to try out the restos there.

    1. you should! :) try to go to StrEAT food park still at Maginhawa.


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